Monday, February 28, 2011

Windows 2008 Server Domain Controller - Change Password Settings

Having built a lot of Virtual Development Environments with Windows server 2008 and CRM, one thing that I always have to lookup is how to disable the annoying password settings so that the password doesn't have to be reset every 42 days.

Setting this is not so straight forward, so below are the instructions on how to do this successfully on a Windows 2008 Server that is setup as a domain controller.

1. Start --> All Programs --> Group Policy Management

2. Expand Forest --> Domains --> (your domain)

3. Right click on Default Domain Policy and Select "edit..."

4. Expand Policies --> Windows Settings --> Security Settings --> Account Policies

5. Inside Password Polcies you will find all the relavent password settings.

6. Setting Maximum password age to 0 will disable password expiry.

7. Exit out and in the command line run "gpupdate.exe"

Now you should be good to go :)

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Brent said...

Thanks for your great article! I also know a useful trick to reset Windows domain password when forgot the admin password.