Monday, April 14, 2008

New Version of LINQ to SQL Entity Base Class (Beta 3.0)

Hello there!

Due to popular demand (well at least one person wanted it!) the LINQ to SQL Entity base now supports it... (in thoery!). Find V1.0 Beta 3.0 here.

In the example that comes with the LINQ to Entity Base, i've used the data contract serializer (which is what WCF uses to serialize/deserialize objects) to demonstrate this. I've also improved the example so you can scroll through the results by converting it to a simple windows form.

Don't forget the following when using it in your own projects:
1. You need to set serialization on your data context to uni-directional.
2. You need to use the KnownTypes for you're entities (this is because of the inheritence of entities from the LINQ to SQL Entity base - for more info, see Sowmy Srinivasan's blog).



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